Project Connect

The Anderson Bluffs and River Trails Foundation and the Gogebic Range Health Foundation, nonprofit organizations, are proud to announce Project Connect, a collaborative effort to build, maintain and enhance walking, biking and cross-country skiing trails throughout the Gogebic Range.

Project Connect is a visionary plan that lays out the progress made on the trail systems and the extensions that are currently being worked on. The plan is an alignment of the foundation’s missions and encourages the community to become engaged through donations that make a meaningful impact on specific trails segments. To achieve the vision, the two Foundation’s have identified a number of priority trails across both Iron County, Wi and Gogebic County, MI that need improvements or expansions in addition to already having resources and or are currently underway.

Scott Anderson, Director for the Anderson Bluffs and River Trails Foundation supports the collaboration and explains, “Our initiative will not only help improve health through physical activity but also increase economic development through enhanced tourism opportunities for those who visit our community annually for skiing and other activities enjoyed by residents. Together we can make a meaningful impact on our community. By supporting this project, you are helping us create a truly connected community where residents can access resources, amenities and recreation across town through walking, biking or skiing. Your support encourages others to engage in similar efforts as well as creates a legacy for future generations of family members.”

Andrea Bergman, Executive Director for the Gogebic Range Health Foundation states, “We believe that access to our beautiful outdoor spaces and amenities is a major factor in the quality of life our residents, visitors and businesses experience. Connecting our trails systems with safe, accessible trails can have a positive impact on the health, economy and quality of life in our region. Project Connect is an opportunity to engage the community in the development of our trail systems that we all use and love. With your help, we can make a clear, visible and realistic plan for how to get more people enjoying the outdoors. Project Connect is about taking action and making change happen.”

More information about Project Connect can be found on the Foundation’s websites, and  Donations are also being accepted by each Foundation. To donate to the Anderson Bluffs and River Trails Foundation you can go to their website or send checks to E 5299 West Pioneer Rd, Ironwood MI 49938. To donate to the Gogebic Range Health Foundation you can go to their website or send checks to E 6112 Bluff View Rd, Ironwood MI 49938.

Contact Andrea Bergman 906-364-7527 or email at  

Get Connected September 2021

We’ve partnered up with the Extension Iron County, Gogebic County Community Mental Health and Range Suicide Prevention Coalition to share a special promotion of community events and mental health resources available across the Gogebic Iron Range.  “Get Connected in September 2021” raises awareness of September as both National Recovery and Suicide Awareness Month and highlights community partners who continually provide every resident with opportunities to be healthy and socially connected.

People who make frequent and positive contact with others tend to have better health.  It’s not a far-out idea, but sometimes we may need encouragement or support to engage in social spaces and activities1

“While we are very lucky to have access to COVID-19 vaccinations available in 2021, our county health and human services departments are still extremely busy, and this project seemed like an appropriate way to compliment their efforts,” explains Amy Nosal, Extension Iron County Community Development Educator.  “COVID-19 safety considerations are still needed, and we are fortunate to live in an area that values being active outside, as is clear by the list of events featured in “Get connected in September 2021,” she continues.

The Gogebic County Community Mental Health Authority and the Range Suicide Prevention Council have been key partners in the “Get Connected in September 2021” project, providing directories of resources and events that aim to support and normalize mental health.  These resources and events are highlighted in a poster format and shared broadly online.  Additionally, for those interested in supporting mental health programs across the Gogebic Range, there is an invitation to donate to the Jonathan A. Erickson Memorial Fund managed by the Gogebic Range Health Foundation. This fund supports programs and projects that raise awareness of mental health conditions and the expansion of services for individuals and families who may need services.

Andrea Newby, Executive Director of the Gogebic Range Health Foundation sits down with the Penokee Rangers, Rebecca Holm and Charly Zinsmaster, to discuss their 2020 grant project. You can make a donation to the Gogebic Range Health Foundation and be a part of making these projects happen and make a difference on community health of the Gogebic Range. For more information about the Penokee Rangers visit

Gogebic Range Health Foundation hosts its Annual Celebration 

GRHF is celebrating its fifth year as a public charity foundation by holding a virtual celebration, during the month of June.  “After a difficult year for everyone we wanted to bring light to and celebrate the programs, projects, organizations, businesses and people that created spaces for people to engage in health” Andrea Newby, Executive Director explains.  “It was difficult because the pandemic caused our lives to be disrupted and many suffered great losses.  But the community persevered and pulled together, so we are focused on highlighting the organizations and people that helped create healthy spaces for residents and visitors”.

Annual Community Health Celebration Events

Community Health Organization Mini Video Series 

The GRHF will highlight groups that make Gogebic County MI and Iron County WI a healthy and fun place to live….Penokee Rangers, Friends of the Iron Belle Trail, MECCA Trails, Gogebic Community College, ICORE, SISU Dirt Crew are among the groups that will be featured. 

Community Health Champion Awards

We will also be announcing our new Community Health Champion awards.  A Community Health award will be presented to a business, an organization and an individual that has made an impact on community health in the last year. 

Silent Auction – June 24 – 26 at Cold Iron Brewery

We will be holding a live silent auction at Cold Iron Brewery in Downtown Ironwood on June 24, 25, and 26th during brewery hours.  

Make a Donation

You can help us continue to fund great community health projects by making a donation. Make a donation to help us meet our challenge of 30 $100 donations in 30 days.