Project Connect

The Anderson Bluffs and River Trails Foundation and the Gogebic Range Health Foundation, nonprofit organizations, are proud to announce Project Connect, a collaborative effort to build, maintain and enhance walking, biking, and cross-country skiing trails throughout the Gogebic Range.

Project Connect is a visionary plan that lays out the progress made on the trail systems across the Gogebic Range and extensions of those trails.  The plan aligns with each of the foundation’s missions and encourages the community to become engaged through donations that make a meaningful impact on specific trail segments. To achieve the vision, the two Foundation’s have identified focus areas across both Iron County, WI, and Gogebic County, MI. These focus areas either need improvements or expansions, already have resources or funding, and/or are currently underway.

We believe that access to outdoor spaces and the ability to walk, bike, and ski is a major factor in the quality of life for our residents. Connecting our trail systems with safe, accessible trails can positively impact individuals’ physical, mental, and overall health and quality of life in our region. Project Connect is an opportunity to engage the community in developing our trail systems that allow people to make healthy choices. With your help, we can make a clear, visible, and realistic movement toward getting more people healthy and enjoying the outdoors. Project Connect is about taking action to improve our region’s health.

vision map
Vision map of project connect