About Us

The Gogebic Range Health Foundation was formed in 1998 under the community hospital, Grand View Health. The foundation served as a supporting organization up until 2015 when the Board of Directors understood a change was necessary due to a transition in hospital ownership to Aspirus Inc.

The board members forethought, regional perspective and understanding of collaborative efforts to create change led them to convert the foundation to a public charity 501(c)(3) organization with a focus on community health. 

The Gogebic Range Health Foundation now serves to advance community health throughout the Gogebic Range which includes Iron County, WI and Gogebic County, MI, and to establish the Gogebic Range as a fun and healthy place to live.

Gogebic Range Health Foundation focuses on addressing community health issues through grantmaking, collaborations and partnerships.

It is our goal to improve community health and establish a culture that values health and wellbeing.

  • We impact community health by promoting healthy living through community grantmaking.
  • Collaborate and partner with local organizations and agencies to create a healthy and active community.
  • We engage in positive community partnerships by investing in community projects that have a positive influence on the health of the Gogebic Range community.

Meet The Board and Staff


John Garske, Board Chair

Mike Shouldice, Board Vice Chair

Charmaine Chiantello, Treasurer

Will Andresen, Secretary


Paula Chermside

Neil Klemme

Therese Pawlak

Joel Enking

Doug Hippe

Lori Booth

Tom Mowbray

Serena Tauer – Youth Member