Funding Priorities

The GRHF strives to inspire community-based health initiatives that align with the Foundation’s mission and vision. We also value the broad definition of health, believing there is much more to health than health care. Health is influenced by many factors, including socioeconomic conditions, the built environment, education, income and individual behavior choices – factors that are known as the Social Determinants of Health.

We believe that our greatest opportunity is our ability to partner with state and local entities to leverage funds resulting in greater impact. Therefore, the GRHF is making efforts to strategically focus on the areas of health that have a large, sustainable impact on the health of the Gogebic Range while also aligning our priorities with local and regional efforts.

Our focus area for the upcoming funding cycle (November 2020) is on enhancing the opportunities to walk and bike in our communities. Our goal this funding year includes increasing the number of trail users and increasing accessibility of trails. We know from research that walk-able and bike-able communities have better economic and health outcomes overall.

The Center for Active Design, an international nonprofit organization that promotes infrastructure which supports healthy living, states that people are more likely to walk, socialize and make better food choices when they have access to sidewalks, parks, gathering spaces and grocery stores that support healthy behavior.