Funding Priorities

Project Connect

The Gogebic Range Health Foundation grant program supports community-based health initiatives that align with the Foundation’s mission and vision. We encourage applications from organizations and agencies that have pedestrian walking and biking infrastructure projects that make it easier and safer for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike for recreation or transportation. Please review the following information carefully before submitting a grant application. Proposals that are incomplete or do not fall within our funding priority areas will not be considered.

The Gogebic Range Health Foundation will prioritize projects that are seeking match funding or gap funds. We do not require a specific percentage match, but we do look at leverage and funding partnerships very carefully.

  • Pedestrian walking/biking paths, lanes and trails
  • Mountain bike trails and facilities
  • Connector trails from neighborhoods and parks to the Iron Belle Trail or the Mercer By Bike regional trail corridors
  • Land acquisition with an existing plan for trail development.
  • Safe Routes to School projects that improve safety of children walking and biking to school.

Jonathan A. Erickson Fund for Mental Health

The Jonathon A. Erickson Fund was established by a local family in honor of their son and his battle with mental health. The purpose of this fund is to fund programs and resources for mental health care and to raise awareness of mental health needs in the Gogebic Range community.

Generally We Fund

  • Tax exempt organizations under 501(c)(3) and organizations that align with our mission and vision
  • Public agencies including school districts, state, county and city governments
  • Organizations and agencies located in the Gogebic Iron Range: Iron County, WI and Gogebic County, MI.

Generally We Do Not Fund

  • For profit organizations
  • General operating costs and salaries
  • Travel
  • Organizations and projects that do not align with our mission or priorities
  • Individuals, sectarian, religious or political activities/campaigns/causes
  • Projects in which the Gogebic Range Health Foundation is the sole or primary funder
  • Projects outside of Iron County, Wi or Gogebic County, MI
  • Events, races, promotions, sponsorships

Our mission is to advance community health across the Gogebic Range and we accomplish this through investing in projects that make a lasting sustainable impact on the community. We have a great opportunity to leverage state and federal funding and to serve as a catalyst in making community health projects a possibility.

We believe in a broad definition of health, that there is much more to health than health care. Our strategic focus on facilitating and leading efforts to create an interconnected network of pedestrian walking and biking trails will lead to health benefits that include better overall physical health and mental health of residents and economic health of the community.