Grants Funded

2021/22 Community Health Grants ($60,000)

  • Wolverine Nordic Ski Club, trail expansion of the Ottawa Loop. $14,200
  • Erwin Township Historical Park Trail. $10,000
  • City of Bessemer Trailhead development. $15,000
  • Mercer Public Library bicycle repair station. $800

Jonathan A. Erickson Fund for Mental Health

  • Emberlight Ambassador Leadership program. $8,000
  • Wakefield Marenisco School youth skate park. $6,000
  • Gogebic County and Iron County Sheriffs offices for establishing the Project Life Saver program. $6,000

2020/21 Community Health Grants ($47,800)

  • Penokee Rangers ski and hiking trail expansion and improvement efforts. $4,750
  • Gogebic Community College xc ski and snowshoe trail reconstruction. $12,250
  • SISU Endurance Team youth program ski and xc running equipment (In Honor of Gary Engstrom). $5,400
  • 906 Adventure Bike Club youth program equipment (In Honor of Gary Engstrom). $5,400

Jonathan A. Erickson Fund for Mental Health

  • Aspirus Ironwood Hospital and Clinic for a wellness nature area. $5,000
  • NorthLakes Community Clinic wellness room. $5,000
  • Gogebic County Community Mental Health for mental health awareness and education programs. $5,000
  • Gogebic County Victim Services communications system and staff trainings. $5,000

2019/20 Community Health Grants ($40,000)

  • Mercer Cross Country Ski Club to improve and expand recreational trails. $10,000
  • Hurley to Montreal pedestrian trail project. $20,000
  • Iron County Health Department for COVID recovery response efforts. $5,000
  • Western UP Health Department for COVID recover response efforts. $5,000

2018/19 Community Health Grants ($28,486.90)

  • Hurley Area Lioness – Brian Nasi memorial Heart Run/Walk & Health Expo. $675.00
  • Iron County Department of Human Services Thriving Youth Mentoring program. $2,000
  • Total Faith Ministries and Northern Food Bank to set up mobile food pantry program. $1,500
  • Range Community Bike Church – Emergency medical equipment and services $691.50
  • Aspirus Ironwood Hospital healthy cooking course. $1,500
  • City of Bessemer Iron Belle trailhead bicycle repair station. $1,250
  • Bad river band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians youth pavilion. $2,000
  • Gogebic County Emergency Management for emergency community outreach support. $11,000
  • Western UP Healthcare Access Coalition for the Oral Health and Navigator Assistance program. $5,000

2017/18 Community Health Grants ($31,405)

  • HIT—Peter Yarrow and Operation Respect Project. $5,750
  • HIT Idol Season 7 participants were able to work one on one with American Idol ® finalist Lee DeWyze in preparation for their individual performances. HIT Idol provides an opportunity for area youth to improve their performance skills, confidence and self esteem. $2,000
  • Wakefield –Marenisco School Fitness and Conditioning Class. Students in this class gain comprehensive fitness experiences by participating in field trips to local outdoor amenities. The goal of this class is to provide an environment that promotes lifelong health and wellness activities in the outdoors. $2,000
  • SISU Endurance Team. This program promotes fun, fitness, safety and excellence in the lifelong sports such as cross-country skiing and mountain biking. This program is new to the area and is offered to youth in Gogebic and Iron County. $2,000
  • Rescue Divas EMS Summer Camp for Girls. Rescue Divas is a fun, hands-on residential summer camp, designed to introduce girls to Emergency Medical Services careers. Activities help girls grow confidence and become stronger leaders, even during times of high stress. The funding for this grant will support campers from Iron County. $2,000
  • Range Master Gardener Volunteer Program $2,000
  • Eat Smart Knapsack MSU Extension. This program offers students who rely on school food programs, at area schools backpacks filled with food during school breaks. This program aims to reduce food insecurity among children in Gogebic County. $2,000
  • FE University Cross Country Ski Program. $1,000
  • Great Start Collaborative Family Training Program. $2,000
  • Gogebic Range Robotics Team for additional equipment due to expansion of the number of students. $2,000
  • Northwest Cancer Center for cancer support for patients. $2,000
  • Gogebic Range/Iron County Farmers Markets – provided equipment enabling local farmers to accept SNAP benefits. $2,000
  • Gogebic County Fair healthy lunch at the fair. $1855
  • Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park – Art in the park bench project. $2,000
  • Iron County Health Department – Sisu Endurance Team Feed Zone, providing healthy snacks for youth. $800

2016/17 Community Health Grants ($231,900)

  • Ironwood School Meet Up and Eat UP summer lunch program at the Ironwood Depot park offered more fruits and vegetables , coupons for families to use at the farmers markets and healthy eating educational programs to families across the range. $6,000
  • Fe University implemented a Dinner Lecture Series to increase enrollment and promote their other course offerings. A brochure , curriculum guide and scholarship program are to be created to increase enrollment and outreach efforts. Fe University promotes social interaction and healthy living among older adults. $5,000
  • Gogebic County Search and Rescue purchased and replaced equipment to better meet the needs of the Gogebic County Search and Rescue Team’s emergency responses for victims in the wilderness. The Team also increased the number of volunteers trained. $7,900
  • The City of Hurley purchased the parcel of land to expand the regional walking/biking paved trail and develop of trail head in Hurley. The trail head and the portion of trail in Hurley provides access to a safe walking and biking route to residents. $5,000
  • Michigan Western Gateway Trail Authority will use funds for phase three of the Gogebic County Iron Belle Trail which will extend the trail from Bessemer to Ramsay, Michigan. The trail provides safe recreational opportunities to residents and encourages healthy lifestyles. $200,000 over 2 years.
  • Iron County Summer Youth program offered fresh fruits and vegetables for snack during regular camp week. They were also able to incorporate a ropes and skill training as part of their Camp Leader Course. $2,000
  • City of Ironwood, Bicycle route connection between the Iron Belle Trail and Mt Zion. $2,000
  • Western UP Health Care Dental Program $2,000
  • Gogebic Ontonagon Ironwood School District Multisensory classroom purchased adaptive equipment for students with sensory needs. $2,000